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Avoid morning glucose spikes

Don’t let morning glucose spikes ruin your day. Here are some ways to literally hit the ground running and start your day steady.


Getting some movement in before breakfast helps you control your glucose and boost your energy levels. Even a few minutes of morning yoga will use up glucose circulating in your body, decrease stress, and flatten your glucose curve. (1)

A balanced breakfast  

Break your fast with purpose. Studies suggest that a balanced breakfast (with protein, fat, fibre, and limited carbohydrates) can help to steady your glucose and keep you fuller, longer. (2) Instead of cereal, try some porridge with peanut butter. Rather than toast and jam, try wholemeal toast with avocado and a hard-boiled egg. If you start your day off with a coffee, grab a glass of water and begin your breakfast first.  

Food order  

No, this doesn’t mean, “Order more food.” Eating protein and vegetables before your carbohydrates can help to prevent post-meal glucose spikes. (3) If you’re having pasta, eat roasted non-starchy vegetables (like aubergine, courgette, and broccoli) first then move to your pasta to reduce its impact on your glucose.  


Pay attention to your hydration. Staying well hydrated promotes an optimal water-glucose ratio, which helps  regulate your glucose and minimises sugar cravings. (4)

Glucose 101


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