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The Glucose-Hunger connection

Hunger versus appetite can be difficult to interpret when you’re trying to manage your weight. On one hand, if you’ve had balanced meals and snacks throughout your day and you’re hungry, this could be a sign that you’re not be eating enough calories. However, if you’re feeling hungry after eating sugary or carbohydrate-only foods, then your glucose may be playing a trick on you. Here’s how your glucose and hunger are related and what you can do when hunger takes the wheel. 

Meals or snacks that are carb-rich or sugary can rapidly raise your glucose, which is followed by a rapid drop. Rapid glucose swings (or low glucose) may leave you experiencing the tell-tale signs of a crash: fatigue, irritability, and, you guessed it, hunger. (1)

Next time you’re feeling hungry, devices like Lingo can help you assess that feeling and make the right choices. (2),(3) First, check your Lingo app. Did you recently experience a spike followed by a dip in your glucose? (4) This may be the cause of your hunger. If you’ve eaten in the past 90-120 minutes, you may want to consider drinking some water, taking a walk, and waiting a few minutes longer to see if your glucose has steadied. If it’s been a few hours since you’ve last eaten and you’re noticing a dip, listen to your body and eat something. Follow The Fundamentals and add a balanced meal/snack packed with protein, healthy fats, and fiber to get your glucose back on track. 



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