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Find better balance by adding fibre-rich vegetables to your plate

Adding fibre-rich vegetables to your diet keeps you feeling fuller for longer, improves your digestion, and helps you control your glucose. (1) Luckily, incorporating more fibre into your diet is simple. 

Here are some easy, delicious ideas to get you started. 


Start your day off right by making sure your breakfast includes some vegetables. Add spinach or kale to your scrambled eggs, or add a boost of fibre to your protein smoothie by blending in kale, cucumber, and avocado.


Fill your salad with colour. Top the bed of lettuce with a variety of colourful vegetables like cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, and carrots. Throw nuts and seeds on top for additional fibre and texture. In a rush? Grab a bag of pre-cut vegetables or a pre-made salad. And make sure your snacks are balanced. Carrots and cucumber with houmous, celery with almond butter, or roasted brussels sprouts with a sprinkle of sea salt are all tasty, healthy options that will keep your glucose steady. 


Roast a tray of mixed vegetables (like broccoli, cauliflower, and cubed courgette), and add a protein source (like grilled chicken or tofu) to balance your meal. Be a meal prep pro and cook additional servings and then store the extras in a container for lunch the next day. 

Get creative with your combinations and have fun experimenting with different flavours and textures. Your body will thank you.

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