How food sequencing affects your glucose

How food sequencing affects your glucose

Managing your glucose is about more than just the food you eat. A growing body of research shows that eating foods in a specific order – known as ‘food sequencing’ – can also affect your glucose. 

For example, studies show that eating vegetables before carbohydrates can result in lower levels of glucose and insulin compared to eating carbohydrates first. (1) The fibre in vegetables slows the rate that food leaves the stomach, thereby impacting the rate at which glucose is absorbed and mitigating glucose spikes. (1),(2) Other studies have shown that eating proteins and fats before carbohydrates has a similar effect. 

And managing your glucose isn’t the only benefit of starting your meals with a salad. Foods that leave the stomach more slowly can help you feel fuller, reduce your energy intake from the rest of the meal, and help you manage your weight. (3)

Of course, there are even more benefits to going green. Green vegetables are a good source of fibre, and some non-starchy vegetables (like asparagus and leeks) also contain prebiotic fibre that encourage the growth of good gut bacteria.

July 19, 2023


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