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A day in the life with Lingo

Year-to-year. Month-to-month. Day-to-day. Your daily Lingo journey is designed to help you meet your needs and move towards your health goals. Along the way, you’ll learn from personalized recommendations to take steps towards reducing your glucose spikes. Morning As you start your day, check in on your progress with your Daily Briefing, see your glucose status for the morning, and view your daily Points target to start the day strong. You’ll naturally accrue Points across your day from meals, snacks, and even stress. The more spikes, the more Points you accrue. Your goal is to stay below or at your daily target, which updates on a weekly basis based on your progress. Mid-morning If mid-morning hunger hits, check in with your Lingo graph to see if your hunger could be related to a post-breakfast spike and crash. You can check in on your graph and log key activities any time of day, so stay on it and adjust your meal planning. Remember to set aside time for activity too. Daily activity is vital to wellbeing, so commit to moving more every day. Add more steps after every meal, set aside time for exercise and move towards improved glucose control and metabolism. (1) Afternoon Fight off post-lunch glucose crashes by choosing savoury, not sweet foods, opting for satiating, high-protein, and low-carbohydrate choices instead of sugar packed options. The former helps keep you full and won’t derail your progress. Evening For your last meal of the day, build your perfect dinner plate: ½ colorful vegetables, ¼ high-quality proteins, and ¼ whole grains, root veggies, or other starches. Resist over-indulging with dessert or alcohol. Research has found that meals high in protein and healthy fats, with moderate complex carbs can improve sleep quality. (2) Before you close the kitchen for the evening, log your meal and add in a few steps, sit ups, or dance moves to help you burn off some energy. Check in with Lingo. How did you do?

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A day of eating with Lingo

Your needs change over time; even day-to-day, So, it can be helpful to have an idea of what a day in the life with Lingo might look like. Morning Start your day out on the right foot with a serving of our cheesy egg scramble and a light walk. Getting a few steps in before or after breakfast can help you balance your glucose response (1) Mid-Morning Don’t wait to eat until you’re starving. A simple snack, like one handful of pistachios (40 grams), can keep you full until lunch time. Afternoon Keep up the good work with one of our tuna and avocado salad wraps. This recipe is filled with hearty fats and vegetables to keep you full, flatten your glucose curve, and give you energy. Not only that, but the omega-3 fatty acids in the tuna and avocado fuel heart and brain health. (2) Evening End the day with our chicken stir fry with Pak Choy, broccoli, and brown rice. It will fill you up and has the right mix of protein, fat, and carbohydrates to help your body recover. Research also suggests that a meal high in protein, healthy fats, and moderate complex carbohydrates (like whole grains and pulses) may improve your sleep quality. (3) In addition to balanced meals and snacks like the ones above, you may need more nutrients after your workout – especially if you have a few hours to go before your next meal. A protein shake like the Ensure High Protein Shake is a great option for muscle recovery. Calorie needs vary among individuals, so speak with your physician or dietitian to determine how much food you should include in your day.

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CES 2024 highlights: Lingo recognised as ‘Best In Show’ by Wareable

Coming off an invigorating and exciting showing at CES 2024, we were thrilled to learn that Lingo was named Best in Show – Best Wearable by Wareable, a leading technology publication covering the latest in wearable tech, smart home devices, and health tech. We’re honoured to be named alongside some other innovators in the wearable space. Excitement for Lingo at CES has been building since Abbott CEO Robert Ford unveiled Lingo two years ago. The CES 2024 show is where Lingo was showcased for the first time since launching in the UK, and people were excited to see first-hand how the biosensor and coaching app can help improve their health. Visitors to the Abbott booth featuring Lingo were eager to see and learn more. They were intrigued by the value proposition of Lingo’s continuous glucose monitor (CGM) for people living without diabetes, and the real-time glucose level insights and coaching to be gained from the app. We were excited to showcase our product in action and inform people on how Lingo is a personalised experience that empowers people to make better health and lifestyle changes to improve their overall health. Lingo makes staying on top of your glucose and improving your metabolic health easy and accessible with the gamified Lingo Count system, and many people were eager to know when Lingo would be available in the US. It was invigorating hearing interested CES-goers ask thoughtful questions and tell us that Lingo is something they're excited to try. Having so many people share their excitement for the potential global impact Lingo can have on preventative healthcare — that feeling is priceless. At Abbott, we are committed to helping people live life to the fullest. As part of that mission, Lingo will equip people with the tools to understand their unique metabolic responses to food and activity. Using personalised data and coaching from Lingo, people will experience better sleep, mood, focus, energy, and more. Thank you to everyone who stopped by the Abbott CES booth, shared their personal health journey, and brought enthusiasm and excitement in learning more about Lingo. We are excited to get Lingo in the hands — and onto the arms — of people around the world to help them live healthier, better lives.


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