Experimenting with Lingo

Experimenting with Lingo

Lingo is about keeping things personal. It’s about helping you better understand your body’s unique response to foods, drinks, exercise, and lifestyle shifts. You’ll gather behind the scenes insights and soon feel ready to handle whatever life throws at you.

To get things started, it’s best to explore the impact that food and lifestyle habits have on your glucose levels.  Exploring the different causes and effects will lead you to uncover the best choices for you, ones that help your glucose stay steady. Lean on Lingo and learn more about your response to different foods, navigating your points budget, and making the best choices for you and your body.    

Your biggest daily point source, unsurprisingly, is food. Your points reflect both the amount of glucose you’re exposed to and how you metabolise it. You might be surprised by your body’s response to similar types of food, your usual foods, and other food related situations. 

How do you solve the mystery of the increasing or decreasing glucose? Experimenting and observing. Within 90 minutes of eating, your glucose levels start to rise. The bigger the rise, the greater impact that particular food has on your glucose levels.  This gives you a good idea of where your starting point is and which foods cause hidden glucose spikes. 

You’ll also start to correlate your emotions, mood, energy levels, cravings, and restfulness with your glucose stability. But don’t worry if you forget to check your levels. Throughout the day we’ll send you updates, tips, and articles to keep you in the know of what’s happening on the inside. Frequent fluctuations or changes in your glucose levels can make you feel depleted, so our goal is to help you stay steady.   

Here are few experiments to get you started: 

  • Eat the same meal on two separate occasions. Observe the impact on your glucose when you walk for 20 minutes before or after one of the meals, versus when you relax on the sofa.
  • Enjoy a higher carb meal (like a plate of pasta) but add in non-starchy vegetables and protein, eating these foods first. Check in with your hunger level and your glucose points, compared to the carb meal alone.
  • Track your water intake one day. The next day add a few more glasses of water.  Note the difference.  We’ll  explore how hydration can effect your glucose later. 

July 19, 2023

Metabolic change is possible

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