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Reducing fatigue and mood swings with Lingo

Steady glucose. Steady life. When our diets are packed with simple sugars rather than proteins, vegetables, and fats, our glucose tends to quickly rise and crash, again and again. These intense fluctuations take our energy levels and mood on a wild rollercoaster ride. 

While many different factors affect our mood and energy levels, Lingo empowers you to find balance and embark on your journey to be your healthiest, best self. A good place to start is by looking closely at what happens to your glucose levels roughly one to one and a half hours after eating a high-sugar meal or snack. Watch as your glucose climbs, then crashes. Note how you feel when your glucose falls rapidly. Are you tired and hungry? Irritable or feeling low? Equally, notice what happens to your glucose after you’ve had a balanced meal or even when you’ve had a balanced meal before that sugary scoop of your favorite ice cream.  

Notice that your mood improves when your glucose stays steadier? You’re not alone.  

Research has found that individuals who eat a diet that is high in sugar (the same kind known to lead to glucose highs and lows) are more likely to experience mood disturbances and fatigue compared to those who eat a diet with less simple sugars and carbs.(1)

Your glucose rollercoaster will be a much smoother ride when you use personalised insights from Lingo to change your habits, manage your meals and snacks, and work towards your best self yet. 

Glucose 101


  1. Breymeyer KL, Lampe JW, McGregor BA, Neuhouser ML. Subjective mood and energy levels of healthy weight and overweight/obese healthy adults on high-and low-glycemic load experimental diets. Appetite. 2016 Dec 1;107:253-259. 
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