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The science-backed system designed to power healthy habit change.

Research has shown that diets don't impact people equally. Our bodies process nutrients differently, plain and simple. Your biology is unique. Your approach to nutrition should be, too.

See the science

The Lingo experience


Apply your biosensor

The continuous glucose monitor (CGM) attaches painlessly to the back of your upper arm. You won't even notice it's there.


Get real-time glucose data

Your biosensor streams glucose data directly to your phone, so you can see the impact of your eating habits.

Learn new waysLearn new ways

Learn new ways of eating

Discover which foods work for you and what to prioritize. Every person is different. Insights from Lingo help you know your body in a new way.


Turn insights into action

Armed with data and insights, you can build habits that support your goals. This is your body. Your data. Your health in your hands.


See your progress

Watch the impact of your new habits add up over time. Lingo provides daily, weekly, and monthly snapshots to keep you on track.

The biosensor

Know the impact of what you eat. The Lingo biosensor measures your personal glucose response to food and streams the data directly to your phone, 24/7.

The biosensor monitors your glucose via a tiny filament that sits just below the skin. Whereas some sensors refresh every 15 minutes, the Lingo biosensor streams real-time updates every minute of every day.

Biosensor Accuracy

Biosensor AccuracyBiosensor Platform


You won't even notice it's there.


Sweat, swim, shower, repeat.

Lasts 14 days

Apply a new sensor every 2 weeks.

No charging necessary

Streams continuously via Bluetooth®.

The coaching program

Wearing a biosensor won't impact your metabolism. But building healthy, consistent habits will. The Lingo coaching program helps you see the connections between your food choices and glucose data, and create healthier habits over time.

  • A new view of you
  • Follow your Lingo Count
  • Log and learn
  • Progress and insights
  • Put habits to the test
A new view of youA new view of youA new view of you screenA new view of you screen

See your glucose graph update throughout the day based on continuous readings from your biosensor.

Follow your Lingo CountFollow your Lingo CountFollow your Lingo Count screenFollow your Lingo Count screen

Your Lingo Count translates your glucose exposure into one, easy-to-understand number and gives you a target to stay within each day.

Log and learnLog and learnLog and learn screenLog and learn screen

Log your meals and exercise for even deeper insights. Sync Lingo with Apple Health and workouts are logged automatically.

Progress and insightsProgress and insightsProgress and insights screenProgress and insights screen

Weekly progress reports come with personalized recommendations based on foods you log and how they impact your glucose.

Put habits to the testPut habits to the testPut habits to the test screenPut habits to the test screen

Test new habits with week-long Lingo challenges. Earn badges as you complete them and build your healthiest routines.

What to expect on your Lingo journey

Man streaming data on phoneMan streaming data on phone

Your first few days

Within an hour of applying your biosensor, your live glucose stream will be up and running — a real-time view of your body unlike anything you've ever seen.

In the weeks that follow, you'll experiment with new habits and notice how your body reacts to different foods and activities. Some of these insights may surprise you! We'll send you a report each week with all the details.

Woman pouring oilWoman pouring oil

Your first few weeks

This phase is all about developing a deeper understanding of your metabolism. You'll continue to get weekly reports on your glucose patterns and the foods that impact them the most.

You can also start to take control of your metabolic health — adopting new behaviors that keep you progressing week to week. Take a self-guided approach or join habit-building challenges to help you reach your goals.

Stretching with biosensorStretching with biosensor

Lingo, long-term

Your metabolism isn't set in stone — it's something you can work to improve, over time. Lingo allows you to see and measure your progress, and more importantly, build habits to keep it going.

And if you stop using Lingo, it’s worth checking in occasionally to see how your body has changed. Maintaining metabolic health is a life-long endeavor. And the continued insights you get from Lingo are designed to help you do just that.

Be one of the first to get Lingo

The wait is almost over. Lingo is launching Summer 2024.

    † A study was conducted to assess the biosensor life where 77.1% of biosensors lasted the full 14 days. In other words, when using the product per the package labeling, approximately 22.9% of biosensors may not last for the full 14 days. 14.7% of biosensors may last less than 11 days.