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A day in the life with Lingo

Year-to-year. Month-to-month. Day-to-day. Your daily Lingo journey is designed to help you meet your needs and move towards your health goals.   Along the way, you’ll learn from personalized recommendations to take steps towards reducing your glucose spikes. 


As you start your day, check in on your progress with your Daily Briefing, see your glucose status for the morning, and view your daily Points target to start the day strong.  

You’ll naturally accrue Points across your day from meals, snacks, and even stress.  The more spikes, the more Points you accrue.  Your goal is to stay below or at your daily target, which updates on a weekly basis based on your progress.   


If mid-morning hunger hits, check in with your Lingo graph to see if your hunger could be related to a post-breakfast spike and crash. You can check in on your graph and log key activities any time of day, so stay on it and adjust your meal planning.    

Remember to set aside time for activity too.  Daily activity is vital to wellbeing, so commit to moving more every day.  Add more steps after every meal, set aside time for exercise and move towards improved glucose control and metabolism. (1)


Fight off post-lunch glucose crashes by choosing savoury, not sweet foods, opting for satiating, high-protein, and low-carbohydrate choices instead of sugar packed options.  The former helps keep you full and won’t derail your progress.


For your last meal of the day, build your perfect dinner plate: ½ colorful vegetables, ¼ high-quality proteins, and ¼ whole grains, root veggies, or other starches. Resist over-indulging with dessert or alcohol.  Research has found that meals high in protein and healthy fats, with moderate complex carbs can improve sleep quality. (2)

Before you close the kitchen for the evening, log your meal and add in a few steps, sit ups, or dance moves to help you burn off some energy.  

Check in with Lingo. How did you do?    

Glucose 101


  1. Frampton J, Cobbold B, Nozdrin M, Oo HTH, Wilson H, Murphy KG, Frost G, Chambers ES. The Effect of a Single Bout of Continuous Aerobic Exercise on Glucose, Insulin and Glucagon Concentrations Compared to Resting Conditions in Healthy Adults: A Systematic Review, Meta-Analysis and Meta-Regression. Sports Med. 2021 Sep;51(9):1949-1966.
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